Bobby Lambert

Bobby Lambert

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Bobby's favorite project: "White Mountain School- our first project, made the dream a reality!"

Senior VP of Finance

Bobby Lambert is a co-founder of SunRaise Investments and is an expert on all aspects of solar development financing. Bobby attended the University of New Hampshire, earning degrees in both Environmental Economics and Sustainable Policy in 2012. Since graduating he has successfully led the structured financing of over $100 million of tax-equity leveraged solar projects across the United States. From origination through operation, Bobby relishes using his education, experience and talent to grow the installed capacity of SunRaise's continuously expanding solar portfolio.

When he is not knee deep in excel files and term sheets, Bobby loves to golf, ski and explore New Hampshire with his Fiancé and their dog, G.


Pat Jackson

Pat Jackson

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Pat's favorite project: "The next project." Joking aside, the Gilroy Unified School District project, as it represents our first project in California and our first parking lot canopy project (in my opinion, all parking lots should have them). 

senior vp of business development

Patrick Jackson is the co-founder of SunRaise Investments and is primary responsible for business development and strategy. His relentless drive and optimism result in a variety of great partnerships with solar developers, land owners and municipalities. Pat spends most of his working hours acquiring projects that are in some stage of development by working as a partner to overcome the remaining obstacles, entitlements, construction and financing that are required for each project to come to fruition. Thus far, this has led to over $60 million of solar projects developed and financed by SunRaise, with an additional $115 million of projects under development. Pat has a guiding principle of making the process easy for partners, no matter what role they play in the sequencing of a project, in hopes that it leads to more solar in the world and more solar with SunRaise. Pat is a Bates College graduate. 

When Pat is not working, you can find him playing pretty much any sport he can get his hands on, adventuring on the water and land around the seacoast with his wife and their dog, "Rags," enjoying live music, and spending lots of time with his family and friends. 


Matthew Doubleday

Matthew Doubleday


Matt's favorite project: "My favorite project thus far is a portfolio of 5 projects at the Rochester Schools in Rochester, NH. The School Department fully embraced the undertaking and not only with from the meaningful cost savings from our electricity but also for their students, whether they be in elementary, middle or high school, are now able to learn and benefit from the educational aspects that these 5 solar projects contain. As someone who attempts to always maintain the mindset of a student, this is exciting and gratifying to me."

vp of Asset management

Matt Doubleday joined SunRaise in 2014 focusing on state and municipal clean energy research. Today, he leads the Asset Management department. Matt begins each day monitoring solar production at every SunRaise site ensuring no issues go unnoticed and quickly responding to potential issues that negatively affect production, safety, or overall customer satisfaction. Matt also provides periodic reporting to utility and government entities as well as tasks related to insurance and risk management.  Matt works with his colleagues to seamlessly transition projects from development and construction to operations, becoming the point of contact for land owners, building owners, and consumers when a project becomes fully operational.

Outside of work, you can find Matt in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, enjoying any book you recommend to him, or playing and watching soccer. On weekends, Matt spends much his time hiking and has “bagged” all 48 four thousand foot peaks in New Hampshire, among several other mountains in New England.


Joe Harrison

Joe Harrison


Joe's favorite project: "One of my favorite projects was the 2.2MW Easthampton Landfill project. This was one of the first large-scale solar arrays in MA, and it was the first solar array to be installed on a landfill in the Commonwealth. Designing a landfill racking system, navigating the post-closure use process with DEP as well as the interconnection process with the utility were all new experiences for me and my colleagues. This project proved that solar is low-impact and a great use for a capped landfill, and it will save Easthampton, the smallest City in MA, more than $1M over the first 10 years of operation."

director of project development

Joe Harrison is one of Massachusetts’s top solar project developers. Over his career he has successfully developed over 67 commercial solar projects in Massachusetts with a focus on large-scale solar net metering projects within municipal, landfill/brownfield, agricultural, and higher education markets. Named two time Project Developer of the year while at Borrego Solar, a top 5 solar energy development and construction firm, Joe is an expert on navigating permitting, environmental issues, land origination, interconnection, and power purchase agreements.  Having spent three years running the NH Clean Energy Fund, Joe has an expertise in project finance and clean energy policy as well. No matter the challenge, Joe’s experience is proven and something to enjoy as he navigates each project to fruition while keeping his customers happy.

When Joe isn’t working you can find him adventuring with his wife and two kids in their camper van around New England, mountain biking with friends, enjoying live music, and eating cider donuts at the Portsmouth Farmers Market.