Matt's favorite project: "My favorite project thus far is a portfolio of 5 projects at the Rochester Schools in Rochester, NH. The School Department fully embraced the undertaking and not only with from the meaningful cost savings from our electricity but also for their students, whether they be in elementary, middle or high school, are now able to learn and benefit from the educational aspects that these 5 solar projects contain. As someone who attempts to always maintain the mindset of a student, this is exciting and gratifying to me."

vp of Asset management

Matt Doubleday joined SunRaise in 2014 focusing on state and municipal clean energy research. Today, he leads the Asset Management department. Matt begins each day monitoring solar production at every SunRaise site ensuring no issues go unnoticed and quickly responding to potential issues that negatively affect production, safety, or overall customer satisfaction. Matt also provides periodic reporting to utility and government entities as well as tasks related to insurance and risk management.  Matt works with his colleagues to seamlessly transition projects from development and construction to operations, becoming the point of contact for land owners, building owners, and consumers when a project becomes fully operational.

Outside of work, you can find Matt in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, enjoying any book you recommend to him, or playing and watching soccer. On weekends, Matt spends much his time hiking and has “bagged” all 48 four thousand foot peaks in New Hampshire, among several other mountains in New England.