Host a solar energy system without the hassles of owning it.


Some of our partners include:

SunRaise sells low-cost solar energy to large non-profits (schools, towns, utilities, and hospitals) without requiring any upfront capital from the consumer thereby providing a pathway to stable electricity rates, significant savings, and environmental leadership. SunRaise invests in solar projects so your non-profit can continue to invest your time and money into what makes you best!

We help consumers benefit from more than just low-cost electricity by working with schools and community members to learn about real world applications to their studies, hoping to engage the next generation of innovators and leaders.

If your non-profit entity is interested in exploring how to partner with SunRaise for your solar energy endeavors, please contact us! 



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  Lower energy bills

  No money upfront

  Fixed, long-term electricity pricing

  No maintenance

  Demonstration of sustainability 

  Supports local economy

For our students to track these statistics is wonderful. By seeing the tangible results of these projects, it gets our younger generations thinking about the importance of environmental planning and preservation.
— Steve Zadravec, Portsmouth School District Superintendent

Brian Eisenhauer, Plymouth State University Sustainability Director
Working with SunRaise to achieve our University sustainability goals has been a great experience. The solar project on Hyde Hall financed by SunRaise has allowed the University to support the New Hampshire solar energy market with limited financial risk due to the stable, long term electricity rate. This has helped with budgeting for electricity costs and advanced the sustainability goals of the University. The clarity and quality of the communication with SunRaise was exceptional and a key to the success of the project.
— Brian Eisenhauer, Plymouth State University Sustainability Director